Food. food. and more food.

So this is my first ever blog post! AH! Excited/nervous doesn’t even cover it!

If you’ve read my bio, you’ll know that I am a massive foodie, so I thought it would make sense to write my first blog post all about nothing other than FOOD! I mean, there really couldn’t be a more ideal place for me to be living than London. I haven’t even been here a month yet and already I have come across enough new food places to try to feed me for the rest of the term!  As well as the obvious chains (which don’t get me wrong- I love), I have also found countless cafes, markets, and restaurants that I want to try, so you are likely to be seeing a lot of posts like this one!


For my very blog post, my ‘Favourite Find’ involves a place which is known amongst UCL students for serving the ‘best lunch in London’ on a Thursday.

WHERE:Torrington Square / Byng Place, behind UCLU, WC1E 7HY

WHEN: Thursdays, 9am-2pm

WHAT I ATE: There is so much good food on offer here. Stalls serving everything from Italian pasta, to Indian, to big juicy burgers. In the interest of being healthy, I chose a vegan falafel wrap, with humus, lettuce, and pickled red cabbage. SO GOOD.

PRICE: £5…more expensive than a meal deal from Boots, but fantastic quality and kept me full all afternoon.

RATING: 8/10…delicious, but could have done with some more humus (personal taste).

My first ‘Favourite Find’

Obviously, for someone on a student budget, it’s hardly feasible to be eating out every day, so I’ve also been doing a lot of cooking (See pic below for an example of my culinary skills), and I’ve already become a pro at savvy food shopping!

Chicken, spinach, and new potato hash…£1.90 per portion.

PS. I’m not a vegan…I just love vegan food as well as every other type of food.

P.P.S. My next blog post is about life as a first-year when you HATE clubbing. Yep, that’s me. The only student ever to not like clubbing (not really, but sometimes it feels that way)

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