I realised that, having made a massive deal about how much I love food in my first blog post, the subject has been strangely absent from my posts since then. Seeing as I spend the majority of my time eating/looking at/thinking about food, I feel like this needs to be changed- especially as I have eaten SO MUCH good food in the last couple of weeks.

  1. Bill’s (twice in a week!)

I LOVE Bill’s- I love the atmosphere in the restaurants, I love the menu, and the food itself is sooooo good. It might not be as cheap as some places, but I am a big believer in the motto “you get what you pay for”, and I have always thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve ordered from there.

On my first visit with my sister, I ordered the Paprika and Lemon Chicken with roasted caramelised root vegetables. This is essentially a (massive) butterflied chicken breast, pan fried, with super crispy skin and the most amazing humus style dressing. My mouth is literally watering just thinking about it. SO. GOOD. Lydia had the burger, and she said it was one of the best she’s ever had (she’s sampled a lot of burgers).


My second visit to Bill’s was with Annie, and we went to the Holborn restaurant. We both ordered cocktails (which we had vouchers for- WIN), and we also both had one of their Watermelon juices, which are so yummy. Seriously, if they sold bottles of it I would be drinking it all day.

This time, I ordered the Seasonal Allotment Salad, which is part of Bills’ ‘heritage’ range. Genuinely, this was one of the best salads I have ever eaten. It had an orange cumin dressing, and was filled with seeds, beetroot, and dried cranberries. Absolutely delicious. Annie ordered a selection of starters/side dishes as a kind of tapas meal, which is perfect if you can’t decide what to have.

Rating- 10/10!!! No complaints whatsoever.

2. Mae Deli

If you are a fan of superfood/healthy eating, then it’s more than likely that you will have heard of Deliciously Ella- a food blogger turned millionaire who advocates a completely natural, vegan diet. She’s recently opened two delis in London, and, as ‘celebration for getting to reading week’, Charlotte and I decided to visit the one near Bond Street station. After trekking half way across London to get there, we finally made it, and it was 100% worth it. The decor is so cute, and the food itself was delicious. I had vegetable soup (don’t be put off by the colour!), and Charlotte had one of the delis ‘Mae’ bowls, which is basically a big bowl which you fill with four of the freshly made salads. Lets just say I had serious food envy.

Rating-7/10- Whilst the food was delicious, there isn’t much choice on the menu, and the prices are high. HOWEVER, I did leave feeling perfectly satisfied, and a teeny bit smug about how healthy my lunch was.

3. My own cooking..

As a health-conscious student living on a budget, I have recently started making ‘wrap’ pizzas. These are essentially a tortilla, covered with tomato puree, and any other toppings which you fancy. They’re super cheap, easy, and take 15 minutes from start to finish. PLUS, they’re also really healthy.

One of my wrap pizzas…a wholemeal tortilla topped with low fat cheese, ham, peppers, spring onions and tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil and mixed herbs.

PS. Charlotte and I also went to the Good Food show last week. It was LITERALLY my idea of heaven…tastings left right and centre, Paul Hollywood, and a WHOLE DAY based around food. What more could anyone want? It was genuinely a really, really good day, and if you love food then I would definitely recommend it. You don’t even need to buy anything (all we bought were fancy peelers!), it’s just fun to go and sample all the food!

Megan x

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